AMPP VideoScope Monitor HD

AMPP VideoScope Monitor HD


11月8日发布了VideoScope Monitor HD和VideoScope Monitor UHD两个新的APP,作为之前VideoScope HD和VideoScope UHD的补充,名称中多了Monitor说明新发布的app具备独立app中监看视频流的功能。

The VideoScope Monitor HD application provides a real-time analysis of a selectable video source with a resolution up to 1080p. The integrated monitor offers a live streaming analysis view for signal QC and monitoring.

A selection can be made between two different scope types:

  • Waveform RGB Parade: Waveform for the three colors side-by-side (order R-G-B). It helps in balancing and tweaking color channels.
  • Vectorscope: Visualization of color presence and saturation. Contains a skin-tone line and boxes for the main colors indicating 75% and 100% saturation.

VideoScope applications overview:

HD support UHD support Built-in monitor
VideoScope HD Yes No No
VideoScope UHD Yes Yes No
VideoScope Monitor HD Yes No Yes
VideoScope Monitor UHD Yes Yes Yes
  • HD support: Video analysis up to a maximum resolution of 1080p
  • UHD support: Video analysis up to a maximum resolution of 2160p
  • Built-in monitor: Live streaming scope signal monitor included

All VideoScope versions produce a AMPP video flow routable to other AMPP Apps like a Multiviewer or a Flow monitor.


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