AMPP K-Frame CS X Medium 32×16


K-Frame CS X with 32 inputs and 16 outputs allows TDs to immediately transfer that intuitive knowledge to cloud-based video production. Button presses and transitions respond without delay, providing the precise control TDs have come to expect from Grass Valley production switchers.

This workload runs in conjunction with a K-Frame switcher panel. With three M/Es and six keyers with 2D DPM per M/E, operators have the creative resources required for professional video production. Stills and animations with fill/key including transparency also provide a polished production look. Those looks are easy to create and store with hundreds of eMEMs and Macros available for recall at the touch of a button with the familiar Grass Valley feel.


I/O channels Compute instance dependent. Consult your Grass Valley representative.
Format support 720p, 1080i, and 1080p
Number of M/Es 3
Keyers Up to 18 (6 per M/E)
Key and fill Linear/Luminance
Wipes Horizontal and Vertical
Animation playback with transparency Yes
Still PNG/JPG support Yes
ImageStore 10 channels
2D DPM (with border, edge/corner pinning) Yes
eMEMs 1,000
Macros 999
Share show files between production engines Yes
Source definition, labeling and mapping Yes


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