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  • Arista Multicast DNS Gateway

    Arista Multicast DNS Gateway (EOS-4.26 ++) Description A mDNS Gateway extends the link-local scope of mDNS messages to additional subnets to provide service discovery and domain name resolution over an extended link-local multicast domain. A mDNS gateway can also peer with additional mDNS gateways to extend the logical link-local multicast domain to include directly connected…

  • Arista EOS-4.26上实施mDNS gateway实例

    Arista EOS-4.26上实施mDNS gateway实例 1. 测试的Arista设备型号 7060CX2-32S 2. 测试的Arista交换机EOS版本 EOS-4.26.4M 3. 配置