how to remove an application or an option on the XIP-3901 platform

Little guide on how to remove an application or an option on the XIP-3901 platform

  • Log into the card using SSH shell like Putty using following user/pwd: root/pw1234
  • At the # prompt, type: cardcfg
    This will show the following information:
    # cardcfg

Card infos
serial# : 306501-131391027
(hex) : 0xBF90102013F001B
ethaddr0 : 00:50:1E:05:C4:B7
ethaddr1 : 00:50:1E:05:C4:B8
ethaddr2 : 00:50:1E:05:C4:B9
ethaddr3 : 00:50:1E:05:C4:BA

Card config
option1 : 0xD0E79FCB
option4 : 0xDA6479E7
option5 : 0x5725BFF4
option10 : 0x1B4F272D

The card config section is the important one where you see a license key for each individual option/application licensed on that card. The option key is as follow:

  1. -UC, 2. -DC, 3. -FS, 4. -UDC-HDR
  2. UDC-IP, 6. -UDC-AUD, 7. UDC-S1
  3. UDC-S1-2CH, 9. GB-IP, 10. JPEG-XS
    So if we look at our example above, we have the following license activated on that card:
    · XIP-3901-UC
    · XIP-3901-UDC-HDR
    · XIP-3901-IP
    · XIP-3901-JPEG-XS
    If you want to remove an option that is installed, you just need to use the following command:
    # cardcfg option1 0
    Which will remove the license of option1 “XIP-3901-UC” in our card. The application will still be installed on the card, but we kill the video output when there is not a valid license!
    Then if you type again cardcfg command, you will see that the option key was removed. Then you should reboot the card, just type:
    # reboot


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