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A friend in need is a friend indeed.

中文译作: 患难见真交(当别人有困难的时候,你仍把他(她)当作朋友,这才是真正的朋友。)

A friend in need ( is a friend indeed) (saying) a friend who helps one when one needs help ( is a true friend )

例句:No,we don’t see a lot of each other, but I know she would always be a friend in need. 对,我们并不常见面,但我知道在我需要之时她一定会是“及时雨”。

短语in need表示“贫困的”“有困难的”“在困难中的”。
It’s up to us to help people in need. 

Alms were distributed to those in need. 

The charity aims to provide assistance to people in need. 

The education authorities have to provide for children in need. 

You just hope that the money goes to those who are most in need. 

Remember that when both of you were in need, I was the one who loaned you money. 

A friend in need = a friend when others are in need
A friend when others are in need is a friend indeed.


a person in need 只有一个意思:“一个在困境中的人”。

a friend in need 在不同的语境中会有两种不同的意思:

  1. 一个在困境中的朋友。
  2. 在困境中交的朋友。

表面看,a person 和 a friend 都是普通名词,但是,这两个词是有差别的。前者就是“一个人”,后者除了表示“一个人”外,还表示一种“人际关系”。即:A是B的朋友,B也是A的朋友。

既然friend 这个词可以表达一种relationship,一种“朋友关系;友情;友谊”,那么, a friend in need 比a person in need 有着更多的内涵和外延。因此:

A friend in need is a friend indeed. 完全可以如下翻译:

  1. “患难中的朋友才是真正的朋友”。
  2. “患难中的友情才是真正的友情”。
  3. “患难中建立的友谊才是真正的友谊”。


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